Keeping snacks in your desk drawer is essential for a productive day.

There are lots of great reasons to snack these days. In the past, snacking was discouraged because it was a source of mindless eating that led to increased calorie consumption and weight gain. And we’re not asking you to eat bad food mindlessly, all day long. But we are asking you to consider the factors in your day or life that keep you from reaching peak performance.

In today’s world it seems like people are working longer hours, trying to fit in more physical activity after work, cram in some time for self-care or a passion project, and of course, spending way too much time sitting in traffic. In LA, where we’re based, this is all too common. So how do we keep our minds and bodies full of the energy we need to achieve our best? Good food, lots of rest, and being active are three things that can help. But sometimes it feels overwhelming to try and fit those three things in, even though we know it’s important.

That’s where snacking comes in.

If you keep a stash of good snacks in the places where you spend a lot of time, or get stuck, you’re more likely to turn to them when they day is flying by faster than you thought. Having good snacks readily available will give you:

  • More success in choosing healthy, nutrient-rich snacks that have the elements your body actually needs.
  • Control over how much food you’re actually eating, since you’ve likely pre-portioned these snacks and are hopefully reaching for them before you’re feeling ravenous.
  • Energy to tackle some of your after-work commitments like going for a walk or volunteering.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming to keep snacks with you. Just think about the snacks that can last throughout the day, don’t require much preparation, or are shelf stable. Some good ones are:

  • Mixed dried fruit & nuts
  • Your favorite protein powder
  • Whole fruits like bananas or apples
  • Greek yogurt or cottage cheese (if you’ve got a refrigerator at work)
  • Nut butters
  • Breakfast bars or breakfast cookies that are made with natural sugars and good ingredients
  • Jerky (your favorite meat or vegan variety)
  • Granola
  • Dark chocolate

And honestly, sometimes you just need to dive into that bag of chips or cookie you’ve been craving. And that’s totally fine too!