If you’ve got a question for us, chances are it’s been asked before. We’ve compiled a list of some of the questions we get asked most often. If yours isn’t on the list, just drop us a note and we’ll get back to you in two shakes.

About Gourmet Treats

Where is your company based?

We are based in Torrance, CA in Los Angeles County. We’ve been manufacturing and distributing from Torrance since we started in 1999.

Who makes your cookies & brownies?

We do! We do it all here from our facility, from formulation to manufacturing and packaging to distribution. Keeping everything under one roof gives us the best chance of consistently creating a high quality product.

Are you independently owned?

Yes, we are a family company co-founded and owned by Shaffin and Alyza Jinnah.

Our Cookies & Brownies

Can I find your cookies & brownies in stores?

Yes! Right now, our products are mostly found in Los Angeles, but we are slowly expanding across Northern California, the Bay Area and San Diego. It’s hard for us to keep a list on our website, but if you’re ever trying to satisfy a craving, you can simply order our products directly from our website.

Why do you write egg & dairy free and vegan on your labels? Isn’t it the same thing?

We want to be as clear and transparent as we can. For people with egg and dairy allergies, we want you to know that it is safe to eat our products. But we also are completely 100% vegan - even our other ingredients are not made with any animal products, by products or processes.

Are you Kosher certified?

Yes, our bakery and all of our products are KSA approved.

Are your products Gluten-Free?

No. We do not have any gluten-free products at this time, nor is our bakery free from gluten.

Are your products non-GMO?

All of the ingredients we use in our cookies and brownies are non-GMO. However, we have not yet received our certification, so we cannot use the official Project GMO Verified seal at this time.

How long do your cookies & brownies last?

You can freeze our cookies and brownies for a long time, and thaw them at room temperature. Once thawed, their shelf life is officially 4 months. We don’t know too many people who let these cookies sit within their sights for that long, though!

How do you sweeten your cookies?

We use a mix of fruit juice, brown rice syrup and Zulka Moreno cane sugar in our cookies. Zulka Moreno is a minimally processed, vegan sugar that comes directly from fresh sugar cane.

What type of protein powder do you use in your Protein Cookies?

We use a mix of rice and pea protein.

What is EnergySmart®?

EnergySmart®  is an ingredient we use in our formulations that is a proprietary ratio of concentrated fruit juices and grain dextrin. It provides a source of sustainable energy to our cookies, rather than a sugar crash that most sugary treats will give you.

What type of protein powder do you use in your Breakfast Cookies?

We don’t use any additional source of protein in our Breakfast Cookies. The 12g of protein comes directly from the base ingredients - the grains, nuts, seeds and fruits.

Ordering Online

Where do you ship to?

We ship our cookies anywhere in the continental USA. This does not include Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Can I order your cookies from Canada?

Unfortunately, not yet. But we will hopefully be able to serve our Canadian customers soon!

How long does it take to get my order?

We package and ship your cookies within 2 business days of receiving your order. We don’t ship orders out on Fridays, because we don’t want your cookies to sit at UPS for longer than they need to. Our shipping times are in accordance with UPS. You will receive email confirmations when you order is received and when it gets shipped.

Do you guys offer Free Shipping?

Yes. If you place an order for more than $30, we will waive your shipping cost.

What do I do if the product is damaged?

If you received product that is damaged, please report damages within 24hrs and a customer service rep will help you. Please retain damaged product and packaging for inspection. No refunds will be issued without it.


I would like to sell your cookies in my store. How do I get more information?

Send us an email at info@gourmettreats.com. We’d love to chat!

Do you have distributors across the US?

We have distributors across California right now. If you are outside of California, we are happy to work with your distributor or to ship products directly to you. Get in touch at info@gourmettreats.com and we can work together to figure it out!

How do your cookies come packaged?

They are individually wrapped and placed in a retail-ready branded box of 12 cookies or 18 brownies. We pack 6 boxes in a master case when we ship them directly to you.

Do you support your retailers?

Yes! We want to see our retailers succeed. We are happy to work with you for on-site promotions and events. Let’s have a conversation about how your store works, and we can build a promotional plan together. Email us at info@gourmettreats.com to start the discussion.