Protein Cookies


Fuel up with a delicious cookie that has 20g of plant-based protein.

Tired of eating protein cookies that are dry and crumbly, and leave a powdery taste in your mouth?

Well look no further. Our new protein cookies are soft, chewy, and as delicious as any of our other cookies. We say that with confidence!

These cookies are full of ingredients that will give you energy before or after your workout, a treat between meals, or help you keep fuelled up during a busy day.


  • 20g of plant-based protein (a mix of pea & rice protein)
  • 10g of fiber
  • Made with 100% whole grain
  • Made with non-GMO ingredients
  • Soft & chewy
  • Nothing artificial
  • Egg & dairy-free (vegan)
  • Made in our Kosher-certified bakery