We believe everyone
should #Fuelgood

Food is as much an emotional experience as it is fuel for your body. We all came from cultures where good food was made from simple, fresh, real ingredients and a ton of love. And that’s why we associate food with so many of our most cherished memories. Today, there are so many different rules that tell us what to eat, when to eat it, and how.

We believe that you should eat as much real food as you can, enjoy it, and let it fuel your best experiences and your best life.

For the love of good cookies.

A great cookie should have amazing taste and flavor, feel soft, chewy and wholesome, and be there for you whenever you need one. At Gourmet Treats, those three principles drive each of our creations, along with the desire to create good food that’s accessible for everyone.

We started Gourmet Treats in 1998 after running our own snack food distribution business, We saw the poor selection of quality, delicious snack food available to people who were juggling busy schedules with work, home life, raising kids, and commuting across the city every day, and knew we could do better. With no formal training in commercial baking or food science, we rolled up our sleeves and used our love of food to drive our desire to make great tasting cookies for our customers.

As the food industry continues to evolve, so do our cookies.

We now make all of our products without eggs and dairy, and completely vegan, in our Kosher-certified facility. We use real, non-GMO ingredients like 100% whole grain flour, fruits, seeds, and nuts, and we don’t use anything artificial. But that hasn't changed the taste or texture of our cookies - and we dare you to prove us wrong on that!