We've been proudly making our cookies & brownies from Los Angeles since 1998.

With a history as a snack food distributor, Shaffin Jinnah started Gourmet Treats as a baking company that would defy the notion that we can't indulge in delicious snacks without feeling guilty. He makes cookies and brownies with real ingredients for that soft & chewy texture that you remember from your childhood, with high quality ingredients that you can treat yourself to without feeling guilty.

Today, Gourmet Treats is a family-run business still proudly creating and baking recipes from our Torrance-based bakery.

Our snacks have come a long way - we now make primarily vegan products in our Kosher-certified bakery. We've worked hard to make sure that our vegan cookies and brownies still give you the same soft & chewy texture that you're used to. In fact, we guarantee you won't even notice that there are no eggs or milk in these treats!

Our growing group of retail partners is helping us get our "good and good-for-you" snacks into coffee shops, cafes, delis, and markets around the United States. If you can't find one in your neighbourhood, just order online and we'll send them right to you!

We hope you enjoy what we've worked so hard to make!